USAAI organizes trips for nine sports with travel to Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba, and Barbados. Since 1992, our years of experience allow us to offer inspiration and suggestions on fantastic destinations to suit all needs and budgets. We cater for all levels and abilities to fit groups of all ages from youth through the college athlete. Whether you would like your team to attend an established International Series like the United World Games in Austria or the Arafura Games in Australia or a custom designed Goodwill Series, we will work with your club to create the BEST experience for your team.

The Travel

USAAI arranges your travel from a gateway city in the USA to your final destination and return flights to that city. All travel abroad is arranged for in your package. Unlike other athlete tours, our athletes stay in 3 or 4 star hotels that offer many of the amenities that the athletes are accustomed to while still giving them a feel of the country’s culture.

The Cultural Tour

Whether it is pizza making in Italy, the museums of Europe, surfing in Australia or a pirate cruise in the islands, USAAI works with tour operators with each trip to program the best experience for the athletes when they are not at play. In working with the tour operators we design programs that best highlight the cultural heritage of the host country.

The Competition

USAAI is invited to many tournaments and series each year, and we strive to find those that create the best athlete experience with a balance between competition and the cultural benefits of the experience.

There are several types of competition that USAAI engages in while on tour. The level of competition will vary from location to location, thus the approach that our teams take to those competitions vary as well.

Tours fall into three types of sports play:

  • Tournaments are traditional sports elimination tournaments. We often will play club teams on the road leading up to the scheduled tournament.
  • Whistle Stop-Competitive Series tour indicates that you will engage in a group of unrelated competitions, typically against club or select representative teams in different locations. Although friendly these are competitive.
  • Friendship Tours differ from our more competitive offerings in a couple different areas. These trips center less on the competitive edge and more around goodwill ambassadorship and camaraderie. The sports are typically more developmental in these locations, and USAAI team members often teach clinics to area children and sign autographs. It is an opportunity for our athletes to share their knowledge of the sport they love with those who are hungry to learn.

women playing lacrosse

What's Included In The Cost Of This Trip?

  • Round Trip Airfare from the Team’s Gateway City Airport
  • International Airport and Hotel Taxes
  • Service Fees
  • International Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals as Outlined in the Itinerary
  • Tours as Outlined in the Itinerary
  • International & USA Sport Sanctioning and Approvals (if required)
  • An Experienced and Knowledgeable Tour Manager and Coaching Staff

What's NOT Included?

  • Connecting Airline Ticket to Gateway City
  • Passport Fees
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Visa Fees (if applicable)
  • Departure Taxes (if applicable)
  • Individual Medical Insurance (Primary)
  • Customary Tipping (Bus drivers, etc.)
  • Laundry
  • Travel Insurance (Recommended)
  • Personal Items: Souvenirs, Telephone Calls and Internet, Snacks, Drinks, etc.