“I was able to not only play with people from all over the United States but I was also able to become a part of a diverse family. I got to see and play with numerous different styles of lacrosse and people and play top teams from Australia that not only taught me how to be a better player but gave me advice and information to take back to (my college) next season.”

2018 USAAI Lacrosse Athlete2018 USAAI Lacrosse Athlete

“Traveling as a coach with USAAI has been the experience of a lifetime, not only having the opportunity to coach my own players, but to coach and interact with players from other schools and international athletes has been such a valuable and enriching experience. USAAI does an amazing job mixing competition with cultural experiences in these amazing countries around the world. I feel so lucky to have been given such an opportunity.”

2014-2019 USAAI Softball Coach2014-2019 USAAI Softball Coach

“This was my second consecutive trip to Amsterdam with USAAI taking a men’s team to compete. It was fun touring another country, getting to coach different players from around the country, and competing against volleyball players in the Netherlands. I will treasure the time spent overseas learning and enjoying the game of volleyball.”

2017 & 2018 USAAI Volleyball Coach2017 & 2018 USAAI Volleyball Coach

“USA Athletes tours are an opportunity of a lifetime! Yes, we can all travel… but the personal growth and broadened horizons for young adults through CULTURAL EXCHANGE OF THEIR SPORT is priceless! Because of USAAI, I have been fortunate enough to have coached, traveled, seen, and EXPERIENCED Europe, Australia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. I learned quickly that no place is the USA (good and bad). If you are considering a tour or sending your athlete, and aren’t sure, feel free to contact me.”

Kris Mort – Former Colorado Mesa University Softball CoachKris Mort - Former Colorado Mesa University Softball Coach

“It’s been 21 years now. Other than my wife and kids, best thing I was ever a part of.”

1999 USAAI Baseball Player (still following USAAI!)1999 USAAI Baseball Player (still following USAAI!)

“I have traveled with USAAI as an athlete and my experience was absolutely amazing! I will never forget it.”

2016 USAAI Basketball Player2016 USAAI Basketball Player

“Parents if you are thinking about it. Don’t think just do it. Your child will thank you for such a wonderful experience. My son played Lacrosse in England & Scotland this past summer and formed new friendships and took in some amazing tours with wonderful views. Its money well spent.”

USAAI Parent of 2018 Lacrosse AthleteUSAAI Parent of 2018 Lacrosse Athlete